A couple of weeks ago I put together a quilt top to use as a demonstration for my Concentric Circles Quilting Tutorial.

I finally decided to put a binding on this little guy and call it officially done!!

I love how this quilt top came together using almost all leftover/unused HST’s from an abandoned project.  I think I had to make a few more to create the right number for a square, but otherwise it was kind of halfway done for me.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do with them until I remembered Katie of Sew Katie Did’s amazing Pantone Pop Quilt!   I love how  the random order subtly creates some interesting and surprising patterns.  Even though I had some patterned material in there, I thought it could still work.  So as usual, I just went for it!!!

I also love the idea of off setting the main piece within the whole quilt, something I also played with on my Little Lotta Chevron Quilt.

The circular quilting was super fun and easy on a small quilt like this.  If I were to do this design again, I would likely offset the circle, starting near a corner and working out from there.

But I still like the way it turned out  and now need to find just the right wall for it!  Here it is on a temporary wall space.  The lighting indoors is so different from outside, I had a hard time finding a decently lit wall.   It gives a slightly different perspective though- yes?

Hope your week is amazing!!!  If you’re finding time for some circle quilting, I’d love to hear how it’s going!